Jesse "Hesh" Heshel

Author, Instructor and Podcast Host

About Hesh

Jesse "Hesh" Heshel is an author, instructor and host of The Mandible podcast. His holistic work is focused on missional masculinity, men’s issues and guiding men towards being the greatest expression of themselves that they can be in the world.He has an academic background in linguistics, history, religion and anthropology with graduate education in Linguistics and also Religious Studies. Professionally he is a financial crimes investigator and forensic interviewer. His hobbies include fitness, cooking, jiu-jitsu and studying classical and current mythographies.

The Work

Hesh is the host of The Mandible podcast. Mandible is built to elevate masculine excellence, pursue our own greatness as men, and interrogate the narratives used to stop men from becoming their greatest selves.Encouraging men to find their greatness, understand their purpose and mission in life and becoming the greatest men, fathers, husbands, brothers and sons they can be is the mission.



Where Online

You can find Hesh hosting The Mandible podcast through your podcast provider. Additionally, you can join Hesh online through his Supercast page found online at You can engage, interact and support the mission there.